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Peter Gordon Everyday

Peter Gordon Everyday

In this book, Peter demonstrates how to create fusion-style food at home, every day of the week.

“I cook at home as often as I can, and this collection of 170 recipes is created with the home cook in mind. They’re tasty and daring, yet simple and straightforward. From breakfast through to a more fancy dinner party, I guarantee you don’t need to be a chef to make them.” 

Using only supermarket-sourced ingredients and simple methods, chapters take you through every meal of the day, including breakfast & brunch; soups; pasta, rice & noodles; light meals; salads & tapas; dinner; speedy sides and tea trolley and desserts.

Fusion - A Culinary Journey

Fusion – A Culinary Journey

The book Peter had wanted to write for 20 years, Fusion is a recipe book, a travelogue and a history of some of his favourite ingredients from around the world.

“Food is on the move and it’s always been that way – to force it to conform to political boundaries smacks just a little of culinary fascism. It’s a great read and my favourite book so far.”

A World In My Kitchen

A World In My Kitchen

“I have been creating recipes and writing for New Zealand House and Garden for more than a decade and this book is a compilation of those recipes. The recipes are perhaps my simplest, written specifically for the home cook and for people who don’t have access to Asian markets and the like.”

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