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What Is Rapid Clear Detox Drink

You must have come across many Rapid Clear reviews 2022 over the internet. But not all are written in an honest way. So, to give you an idea about how the product works, we are going to give you an A-Z review of the Rapid Clear detox drink.

When you have an upcoming urine drug test at your workplace, fake urine is not the only way to get a regular urine sample. Detox products, such as Rapid Clear will help in cleansing your urine and also do not raise suspicion. But, a majority of the detox products do not work as they are supposed to. Rapid Clear detox drink claims to be different from all these drinks. There are many products on the market, one of the popular ones is Mega Clean. Dive into the insights provided on the – https://www.impacteen.org/product/detoxify-mega-clean-detox-drink. This resource offers a detailed analysis of Mega Clean, exploring its ingredients, usage instructions, and effectiveness in the detox process.

A drug detox drink like this is for individuals who hope to achieve a quick negative drug test result on a urine drug test. Many people use detox drinks to avoid testing positive for the drug, either pre or post-employment. If you have enough time before the test, there are other options, such as quitting drugs or using substitute urine. However, if you have just a few hours to spare, a cleansing drink might be the only viable option.

So, let’s jump in to find out how you can use the Rapid Clear detox drink to pass drug test.
Rapid Clear Detox Drink

What Are Detox Drinks and Do Detox Drinks Work for Drug Test?

Rapid Clear detox drink to pass a drug test. These drinks are fast-acting. People can choose detox drinks over other detox methods since their presence can’t be traced. They come at a cheaper price than detox pills and can help in boosting metabolism.

The manufacturers of detox drinks claim that they are capable of flushing out toxins from the body. This drink might help you pass the drug tes,t but it doesn’t necessarily flush out the drug from the system.

Why Is Rapid Clear Detox Drink Near Me the Best Detox Drink?

Rapid Clear detox drink claims to help you pass your urine drug test. One package comes with a 1-pint bottle that is filled with the detox drink and 8 capsules.

The toxins are stored in the fat cells. As the body burns the cells, the toxins are released into your bloodstream and reach your kidneys. Following that, they are going to be released through urine.

Rapid Clear detox drink is available in two flavors: lemon-lime and cherry. Both flavors taste pleasant and can be easily digested. All you have to do is ensure that you store the bottles in the refrigerator and shake them before consuming them.

Rapid Clear detox drink can inhibit the ability to burn fat cells. All thanks to that, your urine sample is going to be toxin-free.

Does Rapid Clear Really Work?

Due to the unregulated nature of weed or cannabis, little can be said about its effectiveness. Some studies have shown that detox diets can help in improving the way the liver of a person removes toxins from the body.

Rapid Cleanse detox drink is taken as a quick fix for drug users who are looking for a clean urine test. With this detox drink, you can cleanse the drug off of your piss.

The manufacturer claims to have a more than 99% success rate when it comes to passing a laboratory urine test. This is the reason we tested the product ourselves. After taking the product, we waited for 45 minutes before testing the urine through a home test. We found the test came out negative. Moreover, the urine remained yellow. This is important as you don’t want the lab to think that you have tampered with your urine. Also, the detox drink doesn’t have any side effects.

What Are Rapid Clear Instructions?

You can use Rapid Clear detox drinks can help in passing a drug test if you follow the instructions to the ‘T’. Check out how to use Rapid Clear.

  • You can buy the product online or at a drugstore.
  • Stop consuming drugs or supplements, which might be tested. It is better to avoid consuming toxins 48 hours before the drug test.
  • On the day of the test, have some food and water like you regularly do. The product doesn’t work by dilution alone, which means you have to drink enough water.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Drink the detox drink from the bottle.
  • Refill the bottle with water and drink it. Resume drinking regular amounts of water but not more than 12 ounces per hour.
  • Go to pee at least 4 times.
  • Then you are ready to take the test.
  • Make sure that you catch the mid-stream urine in the collection cup.
  • Do not flush the toilet as the test administrators might invalidate the test result.

If you are wondering how long does a detox drink take to work, you should know that it varies from one person to the other.

What Are the Ingredients of Rapid Clear Detox Drink?

Let’s take at the ingredients of the Rapid Clear detox drink;

  • Riboflavin

It is a B vitamin that is crucial for producing energy. Riboflavin is used for making the urine yellow in color so that the lab testing professionals don’t suspect dilution.

  • Vitamin B6 and B12

The B Vitamins also help in producing energy.

  • Fructose

It is sugar that offers energy to the body and prevents breaking down fat for producing energy.

  • Citric Acid

This molecule is a part of Krebs’ cycle important for producing energy throughout the body. Citric acid helps the body use maltodextrin and sugar fructose and prevents the breakdown of fat for developing energy.

  • Maltodextrin

It is a rapidly absorbed sugar that offers a boost of energy that can help in keeping the body from breaking down fat cells or releasing THC.

  • Potassium Benzoate

Preservatives also offer potassium, a crucial electrolyte necessary for different bodily functions.

  • Creatine

It is the alternate energy source for the body and its availability will help the body to degenerate fat to create energy.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Rapid Clear is the manufacturer of the product.

  • Address: 7513 Ventures, 8190 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
  • Website: www.rapidcleardetox.com
  • Phone: +1-877-482-7302
  • Customer Support: Monday to Friday, 9 am-8 pm EST

What Is the Price of Rapid Clear Detox Drink?

The printed price of the Rapid Clear detox drink is $40. However, the official website often offers discounts. So, you can get it at a reduced price.


  • The ingredients of the detox drink are natural
  • Has creatine that offers energy and can increase urinary creatinine levels.
  • Contains fructose that offers energy and helps in preventing fat breakdown.
  • Effective drink to detox your body from weed traces


  • Doesn’t have any masking ingredients, such as niacin or zinc.
  • It doesn’t provide clear instructions that can have an impact on dilution, while containing supplements, such as creatine that can mask dilution.
  • Contains many simple sugars and they are not good for your overall health.

Questions and Answers

1.  Is it Legal to Use Detox Drinks Like Rapid Clear Before a Drug Test?

There are a few states that have laws against using drug detox products. In these states, it is illegal to sell detox drinks, such as Rapid Clear. Some of these states include Kentucky, Florida, and New Jersey. In other states, some laws make it illegal to develop or deliver detox products – Louisiana, Texas, etc. The laws give leverage to decide what defines an adulterant.

2.  What Should I Do to Ensure the Product Works?

It is recommended that you avoid drinking over 12 ounces of water each hour for two days before the drug test. A day before the test, eat and drink what you usually do. On the day of the drug test, it is better to avoid heavy physical activity and meals that can help burn fat cells.

3.  How Do You Know That Rapid Clear Detox Drink Is Working?

You will know that the detox drink is working when you experience mood and bodily changes, such as tremors, anxiety, nausea, and changes in appetite. However, you will know when you take the home test when you start with the cleansing process.

4.  When Is the Best Time to Take the Drug Test?

The peak hours to test with the product are 2-3 hours after using it. You need to ensure that you have time to urinate 3-4 times before the test or the product’s effectiveness might decrease.

5.  How Much Do I Have to Pay for a Rapid Clear Detox Drink?

Rapid Clear detox drink is going to cost you $29.95 with a discount.

6.  Where to Buy Rapid Clear Detox Drink?

You can buy the product from your official site that is RapidClearDetox.com. Many other sites offer these products, but it is always better to get it from the official site. In this case, you will really get the original product.

Customer Reviews

There are lots of positive reviews on Rapid Clear detox drink on the web. For example, the customer Brent claimed that it worked great for him over a dozen times.
Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review 1


It is clear from the Rapid Clear detox drink review that the drink can work when you consume it as per the instructions. It is less stressful and easier to use than lots of other detox drinks. The product starts working by removing harmful elements from urine at a faster rate than many other detox drinks.

Moreover, it maintains the natural color of the urine so that you can avoid the suspicions of the lab professionals. However, the product also has a lot of sugar which can be bad for your health. Using it can increase your blood sugar level. Think about these things before ordering.

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