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Waitangi Day at Kopapa 2015

Friday 6 February 2015

Waitangi Day is New Zealand's national day and this year takes place on Friday the 6th February. It celebrates the birth of a very dynamic little nation – when the British Crown signed a treaty with the Maori chiefs back in 1840 in the town of Waitangi. To mark the day, we’ve created a special dinner menu allowing you to enjoy both classic and original New Zealand fare: Paua fritters, Wagyu beef, and venison pie are just some of the stars.  Desserts include tamarillo clafoutis and a Jaffa ice cream chocolate bomb. 
We’ll also have a great selection of NZ beers and wines on the day, with NZ wine flights available to allow you to enjoy a variety of different styles. There’ll also be a play list giving us some classy kiwi beats...

If you can't join us for dinner, pop in for a fantastic Kopapa coffee during the day. We’ve teamed up with Crosstown Doughnuts who are creating special Waitangi Day flavours. In collaboration with London-based NZ Preserve Company, Newton & Pott, there’ll be doughnuts featuring tamarillo jam, feijoa & strawberry - plus chocolate & raspberry lamington rings - and for one day only, a pineapple lump flavoured doughnut! You’ll be able to buy a Waitangi Day Dozen Doughnuts from Crosstown at its Piccadilly Circus store, Dorothy the doughnut truck on Leather Lane, and also at The Providores.

View the Waitangi Day menu